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LSC Specification

An LSC specification is a finite set of live sequence charts.

Existential Dynamic Lifeline

An existential dynamic lifeline represents one object. This is used, e.g., when specifying behavior such as “when any button is pressed, the light associated with this button is turned to red”.

Universal Dynamic Lifeline

A universal dynamic lifeline represents all the objects of the given class. This is used, e.g., when specifying behavior such as “when the controller issues message ‘abort’, all the lights are turned off”.

Step and Superstep

The execution of a message event and all the hidden events that follow it is considered a step.

In the context of execution, some events are driven by the user, while others are triggered by the system.
Following a user action, PlayGo can execute a superstep – a sequence of steps that terminates when the next event is an environment event or a user action, or when the entire system’s execution is terminated.

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