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If play-out fails, it is recommended to compile it and then re-try. For compiling it, select the example project and from the menu bar, choose Project->Build All. If this is a GWT-based example (i.e. GWTMemoryGame), select the project and click the 'GWT Compile Project' button on the toolbar.

If the problem persists, make sure aspects were generated. To generate aspects, you should follow these steps (these steps are done automatically by the 'play-out' action when clicking 'Play-out' button on the toolbar):

  • Select the project you want to play-out.
  • Press the 'Build with S2A' icon in the toolbar or right click and chose 'Build with S2A'.
  • Refresh the project directory, to make sure Eclipse loaded the newly generated aspects.

If aspect are still not in place, there may be something wrong with your S2A Configuration.