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S2A, standing for Scenarios to Aspects, is a compiler that translates Modal UML Sequence Diagrams (MSDs), a UML-compliant version of live sequence charts (LSCs), into AspectJ code. It thus provides full code generation of reactive behavior from visual inter-object scenario-based specifications. The S2A compiler is based on a compilation scheme which was presented in 2006 by Shahar Maoz and David Harel.

As of 2010, S2A is part of PlayGo.


A Compiler for Multi-Modal Scenarios: Transforming LSCs into AspectJ, ACM TOSEM. To appear.

S2A: A Compiler for Multi-Modal UML Sequence Diagrams, FASE'07, Vol. 4422 of LNCS, pp. 121-124, Springer.

From Multi-Modal Scenarios to Code: Compiling LSCs into AspectJ, SIFSOFT FSE'06, pp. 219-230, ACM, 2006.