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Screenshot 1: The LSC Editor

LSC Editor

Note the red and blue elements in the diagram, indicating hot and cold LSC messages and conditions. Note also the Properties pane at the bottom of the screen, currently showing the properties of the selected lifeline "Bank": its binding is "static", its polymorphic scope is "deep", and its type is "system"


Screenshot 2: Play-out

Demonstrating play-out and watching an LSC specification during its execution. On the left, the active LSCs, annotated with their current cuts. On the right, the GUI of the application under development (an automatic teller machine).

LSC Debugger

Screenshot 3: LSC Debugger

Current cut is displayed and LSCs locations are highlighted

LSC Debugger

Screenshot 4: LSC Debugger

Note the red circle on the right most lifeline of the LSC, indicating a user-defined breakpoint.

Message Arguments

Screenshot 5: During play-in, a dialog to define message arguments

S2A Properties

Screenshot 6: S2A Properties

A properties dialog for S2A build, allowing the engineer to select which LSCs should be compiled etc.