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=== Run PlayGo with the Provided Workspace ===
=== Run PlayGo with the Provided Workspace ===
*[[Startup PlayGo]]
*[[Configure the Examples]]
*[[What You Can Do with the Provided Workspace]]

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Getting Started with PlayGo

Install PlayGo

PlayGo is based on Eclipse and is packaged and provided as Eclipse Product. In addition to the product itself we provide a workspace with few examples.

To install PlayGo, create a new directory and extract the PlayGo.zip file to that newly created directory. Throughout this document we will refer to this directory as <PlayGo>.

Once extracted, your <PlayGo> directory should have the following content:


JRE Configuration

Open the <PlayGo>/PlayGo.ini file and update the Java VM path to: <PlayGo>\ jre6\bin\ (e.g. D:\PlayGo\jre6\bin\). Alternatively, if you have Java 6 installed on your machine, simple remove the '-vm' parameter from the <PlayGo>\PlayGo.ini file. PlayGo will use your System properties to access your installed Java.

Run PlayGo with the Provided Workspace