How to view a specification: in the LSC editor and in the UML editor

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An LSC specification can be viewed using the LSC editor. Since PlayGo contains the UML variant of LSC, one can also view the LSC specification using the UML editor provided as part of UML2Tools.

  • To view a model using LSC editor, double click a .umlseq file. For example, the provided workspace contains a Memory Game project. To view its specification double-click the MemoryGameModel.umlseq file or right-click it and choose Open With --> LSC Editor
  • To view a model using the UML2Tools editor, right-click a .uml file and choose Open With --> UML Model Editor.

You can generate a .umlseq file from a .uml file by right-clicking a .uml file and choosing Initialize LSC Diagram.