How to create an LSC specification using the Java API

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You can create new LSCs by coding them in Java. The project, provided with the PlayGo download, contains an example for creating LSCs by coding them in Java. You can use this example as a reference for creating your own new models. The process for creating the model is as follows:

1. Write the code for creating your model. Refer to CreateMemoryGameModel as a reference.

2. Run your newly created code. As a result a new .uml file will be created in your <PlayGo>/workspace/ directory.

3. If you wish to view the LSC diagram, right-click the .uml file and choose 'Initialize LSC Diagram'. As a result a new .umlseq file will be generated and the LSC diagram will open in the LSC Editor.

You can now compile the project using S2A.

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