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To play-out LSC project, select the LSC project, by clicking it and then click the 'Play-Out' button:

The 'Play-Out' toolbar button is a drop-down bottom with 2 alternatives: 'Play-Out' and 'Play-Out...'. The default alternative is the last one used, and 'Play-Out' in the first time.

The 'Play-Out' alternative executes the LSC project with the settings that were last configured, of with the default settings if the first time.
The 'Play-Out...' alternative lets the user define or change the configuration by opening the relavant properties
Here you can change various properties that effect the execution.
Once the play-out session starts, aspects are generated (if needed) and the GUI of the system is launched. Depending on the value of the 'Use System Model Gui' flag, either a system model GUI or the GUI provided by the user is launched. If the 'Use System Model Gui' flag is not checked and the user did not provide his own GUI, then no GUI will be launched. Yet, the user can trigger events using the system model. See How to play-out with system model for details.

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