How to Play In

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Basic play-in

Here are some instructions for playing in:

  • Clicking an object in the GUI creates a diagram snippet reflecting that operation.
  • Use the Play-In toolbar to control some of the play-in operations, such as applying a certain modality (hot/cold, monitor/execute):Playin.toolbar1.JPG

  • Insert new LSC elements, such as new LSC, new Instance, Assertion, Assignment etc…Playin.toolbar2.JPG

  • You may want to carry out operations on the GUI without affecting the LSC (such as for restoring the GUI to a state from which you want to play in). To do this, press the 'Ignore GUI Play-In' button, next to the 'Play-In Mode' drop-down button, and make the required operation. Once done, press the 'Ignore GUI Play-In' button again, to release it (in which case GUI operations will no longer be ignored):


  • Once created, LSC construct properties (e.g., message, lifeline) can change via the properties

Playing-in from system model

One can also play in by selecting an object from the system model, right-clicking it and selecting the required operation. For example:

  • To add a lifeline, right-click an object and select 'Add Object as Lifeline'
  • For playing in a message, right-click a method of an object and select 'Call Message'